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Gant's BBQ

About Gant's BBQ

Established & founded in 2017, 

Gant's KC Style BBQ & Smoke House 

Seneca E. Gant

Smoke Master/Master Chef

As the owner of Gant's KC Style BBQ, I have prided myself on providing the best quality BBQ and elegant dishes in the traditional style and flavor of Kansas City Missouri to the Mile High City of Denver Colorado. 

when i'm not catering a event you will find me cooking and selling plates to different businesses around the city.  I am a family man and father of 2 wonderful daughters. my youngest helps me when i have events and also cooks a little bit on her own for sell when I sell plates. my oldest is a wonderful musician.

i'm changing the narrative that this state is not a bbq state. contact Gant's for all of your catering needs.


Seneca Gant,

Founder and Owner of

Gant's KC Style BBQ & Smoke House